By now, most people know that X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and F1 racer Lewis Hamilton are seeing each other. Thus, when Nicole flew into the UK from her home in the United States, most assumed that she would be staying with Lewis. After all, his huge mansion is only about a 30-minute drive from […]

59 Flood Warnings Causing Travel Chaos in the UK

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Right now, the UK is in the middle of dealing with a lot of rain. So much rain, in fact, that there have been 59 flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency. Currently, experts fear that the North East and Pennines are going to get the worst part of the storm. Due to these floods, […]


Recently, there has been a huge security breach at one of the country’s busiest airports. Apparently it involved some 18 workers who were arrested after they were accused of stealing some 100,000 mini-bottles of alcohol from LSG Sky Chefs. This is a caterer that provides both food and drinks for people who fly with American […]

London Tops the List of Most Expensive Cities

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Typically, when the Olympic Games are held in a city, it does good things for the economy there. However, if London is not careful, it may have a reverse effect. That is because London has now been listed as the most expensive city in the world to spend an evening out. Looking for the most […]

Nigeria Suspends Dana Airlines License

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According to new reports, Nigeria has indefinitely suspended the licence of Dana Airlines. For those that do not remember, this is the same airline that was involved in Sunday’s huge crash in Lagos. As a result of this crash, some 153 people aboard died, and an unknown number of people on the ground were killed […]


Apparently, regulators in Scotland are now calling for tougher rules to be placed on trains. The rule that they are currently focusing on is the one that decides if a train is late or not. Currently, a train is considered to be on time as long as it arrives within ten minutes of its scheduled […]


Not too long ago, there was a time when using a mobile phone on a plane was unheard of. That is a time that has long since passed thanks to Virgin Atlantic. Apparently, the airline will allow passengers to use their phones, much like they would be able to on a bus or train. These […]

night drive

New reports now show that Career Athletes has signed a new agreement with Enterprise. This new partnership is actually to going to see the car hire company utilize a nationwide network of student-athletes to connect with first-rate talent. Of course, the deal is great for Career Athletes as well. In fact, it offers their members […]


Everyone loves to take holidays. However, if there is one thing that people do not like, it is being hit with a whole bunch of unexpected ATM fees after returning home. Well, that is just what it happening to some Brits traveling aboard. According to a new survey done by travel agent,, Brits spent […]

Thomas Cook Buys Itself a Little More Time

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Well, it does not look like Thomas Cook is going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. In fact, it has just been announced that Thomas Cook was able to close a big £1.2 billion deal with banks. This should be enough money to keep the struggling travel company open for another two yeas. During this […]