Big China Train Crash Caused by Bad Management

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Lately, investigators in China have been looking into a high-speed rail crash that took place in eastern China. Officials really want to know what went wrong because some 40 people ended up dead as a result of the crash. On top of that, another 200 people were very badly injured. Well now investigators are saying […]

Flybe to Drop Many Winter Routes

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It now seems that Flybe has announced its plans to cut many of its winter routes. This should not come as much of a shock to most people. In fact, the airline said that it will be cutting down its routes by 6 percent due to low demand and rising oil prices. This means, the […]

Air France Cancels Five Flights Due to Strike

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Everyone has heard about the strikes going on in Australia. The industrial action there has caused Qantas to cancel tons of flights and caused travel chaos for tens of thousands of passengers. Of course, Qantas is not the only airline that is having to deal with strike. Just recently, Air France had to cancel one […]


It seems that China Southern Airlines, like so many airlines, is sick of hearing about Boeing Dreamliner delays. The carrier is so sick, that it has been reported that this final delay was the last straw. The airline, which is the largest one in all of Asia by passenger volume, said that it may join […]


It seems that the International Airlines Group, which is the company which now owns both Iberia and British Airways, said it is going to deliver significant full-year profit growth. This is an amazing announcement considering the terrible luck of the airline industry recently. The group said that it will see profits thanks to the uplift […]


It now seems that the second biggest railway in Canada, Canadian Pacific Railway, is planning on spending more than $300 million to upgrade its northern mainline that runs through the Canadian Prairies. Apparently, it is doing this in order to take advantage of strong international demand for grains and fertilizers. Fred Green, who is actually […]


The next time people go to plan a holiday, they had better make sure that they are booking their hotel in the right country. Alright, this may sound kind of silly, but there is at least one couple out there that wishes they would have followed these instructions. Just recently, two South African holidaymakers booked […]

Fake Reviews Being Investigated on TripAdvisor

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Apparently, the British advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority, is going to carry out a big investigation on TripAdvisor. This investigation was called into action after it was said that the travel website was using fake reviews. The agency wants to make sure that all the reviews on this site are legit. In the past, […]


Anyone who has ever seen the film “Notting Hill,” featuring Hugh Grant, remembers the bookshop in the movie. It was the bookstore that Hugh worked at in the movie. What a lot of people did not know, is that it is a real bookshop. After appearing in the film, the Travel Bookshop in west London […]


Travelers all over the world may now have to deal with some travel delays by the end of this month. These delays are actually going to be caused by ground staff taking part in a two-day strike at Spanish airports. Although this could cause a number of travel problems all over the world, it is […]