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Recently there have been a number of people who have been suffering from the Air India pilot strike. However, one industry’s problem is another industry’s gain. This time the industry that is gaining is the rail industry. That is because they are running special trains on some important sectors to handle the extra rush of […]


It now seems that Hertz is gearing up to take on some new competition. Reports show that the car hire company is looking to expand its services in an attempt to capture the growing market. The main goal here is to capture the majority of the market before its rival Zipcar makes a big splash […]

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It now appears that one of the leading airlines in the United States, American Airlines, has just recently filed its very own antitrust lawsuit against the well-known travel website Orbitz. Currently reports claim that American Airlines is accusing Orbitz and Travelport for using monopoly-like tactics. This new lawsuit was filed in a United States district […]


The chairman of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), John McEwan, is currently speaking his mind about the airline industry. He is striking back at the government and letting them know that he is not impressed with some of the choices that they have made recently. First of all, he talked about Air Passenger […]


People are hoping that the long running dispute between British Airways and its cabin crew will end soon. However, it does not seem like this dispute will be over anytime soon. In fact, it would appear that, as of Monday, the Unite union has said that its members have voted in favor of yet another […]


Well it looks like airline passengers in the UK are going to be safe from a rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD), for now. According to reports, the Chancellor has just recently, in the budget, announced that there will not be a rise in the tax this year. However, people will be seeing one in […]


Recently everyone has been thinking that things are going great for British Airways and the Unite union. The two have agreed to hold more talks and people assume that things are going to start moving forward. However, just recently those hopes could have came crashing down as the airline and the union get into more […]


If people have been renting cars over the past few years, they may have been taking a risk without knowing it. That is because some rental car companies do not pull recalled cars as soon as they get the notice from the automakers. In fact, this has become a real issues ever since two young […]

UK Drivers Noticing an Increase in Traffic Lights

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Anyone that has been driving around the UK over the last few years may have noticed that there has been a big increase in the number of traffic lights out. In fact, recent reports show that the number of traffic lights actually rose by 30 percent in just eight years. RAC Foundation just recently noted […]

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The world’s biggest hotel operator, in terms of the number of rooms owned, has just announced its plans to launch a brand new chain in China. InterContinental Hotels Group has chosen China, because it is the world’s quickest growing emerging market. The chief executive of InterContinental, Andrew Cosslett, said that the chain will be an […]