Just about everyone in England wants to be involved in the royal wedding somehow. Well the same apparently goes for a number of companies too. In fact, new reports now show that people who share the same name as Prince William or Kate Middelton will be able to travel for free with Merseyrail on the […]


According to new reports, Ryanair has just had one of its ads banned from ever being used again. The ad in question was of a girl wearing a bikini, and it was run during February and March. The ad itself was trying to promote “sunny” holidays to a number of destinations. However, the problem is […]

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If there are any American citizens still in Syria, then the United States State Department is asking them to depart immediately. The department says that it is important for all citizens in Syria to leave as quickly as possible while there is still commercial transportation available. Right now the political circumstances in the Middle East […]

Oyster.com Partially Sold to the Travel Channel

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When it comes to travel, no one has more information than the Travel Channel. It is a television channel and website that is known for getting people to want to book vacations. However, there is one problem with the Travel Channel, and that is the fact that people are not able to book vacations after […]


According to the British Airways chairman, Sir Martin Broughton, the airline industry needs to change its security checkpoints. Apparently he feels that lighter security checks should be required for frequent fliyers, like pilots and other cabin crew members. He went on to say that this is needed, because there should be a more risk-based approached […]


It now seems that Hertz is gearing up to take on some new competition. Reports show that the car hire company is looking to expand its services in an attempt to capture the growing market. The main goal here is to capture the majority of the market before its rival Zipcar makes a big splash […]


It seems that some companies are already seeing an increase in bookings for the popular Easter holiday. In fact, well-known high-speed rail firm Eurostar is one of those companies. The firm said that its bookings have already increased by some 8 percent when compared to the same weekend last year. Eurostar went on to say […]

IATA Worried About International Air Growth

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According to some new reports that were just released on Tuesday, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that any kind of growth that was going to be taking place in the international air travel industry is likely to be hit hard over the next few months. This is most likely due to the increase […]

Hertz to Start Offering Electric Cars in London

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According to brand new reports, well-known car hire giant Hertz is going to start offering the battery-powered Mitsubishi i-MiEV to its UK fleet. This is a big move for the car rental company and offers even more choices for consumers in the UK. To start off with, this is only going to benefit customers who […]


In a new move, Air India has asked all of its employees not to travel for work or leisure proposes during the weekend. This came into effect as of April 15, and it will last until June 15. This is a first by the airline and has some experts questioning how affective this will actually […]