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Alton Towers Resort Hotel Manager Stabbed on Walk to His Car


According to reports, Alton Towers Resort manager Ian Stevenson was stabbed on Sept. 20 as he made his way to his car. A witness said that Stevenson entered the foyer of the hotel with blood pouring out of the stab wounds in his legs.

Stevenson was taken to the hospital, and police started to search for the man who stabbed him. The stabbing itself took place just as Stevenson was leaving the Alton Towers Resort Pink Tie Ball. This is a ball that the resort throws to raise money for a cancer charity.

After the stabbing, guests who had attended the ball were prevented from leaving the site for longer than an hour. A police helicopter joined in the search for the assailant. Stevenson was released from the hospital on Sept. 23 and is recovering from the ordeal at home.

A source that was at the hotel at the time of the stabbing said that there were a lot of very wealthy people at the ball. This is an event that happens every year, so people know it takes place. It is very likely that the person was trying to mug one of the rich guests. After the assault, the manager went back inside, asking for help. He said that he was stabbed and mugged. The source added that the man was covered in blood and bleeding very badly from his leg, which was stabbed twice.