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Bird Smashes Into Train Window, Causes Delays


Passengers who have tickets for trains operated by Abellio Greater Anglia need to see if the train has been delayed or canceled. There has been a string of events in the UK that has led to a number of services from this operator being canceled. This has affected services between Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Sheringham and Norwich.

This list of delays and cancellations came in the wake of an incident where a bird struck the windscreen of a train. This caused such massive damage to the train that the service had to be stopped so that the windscreen could be replaced.

A spokesman for Abellio Greater Anglia, Geraint Hughes, said that the windscreen of the train was very badly damaged after the bird flew into it. As a result, the train had to be taken out of service without delay. Due to this withdrawal of the train, a number of shortages were caused, and this affected other services across the board.

Of course, it was not just the bird strike that caused these delays. Unfortunately for Abellio Greater Anglia, this incident happened during a time when the company was already suffering from a shortage while some other trains were out of service following a fatality in the Stowmarket area.

Hughes added that the company had around six trains that were out of service. Usually, the company has around three or four trains to spare to help keep services running smoothly. However, due to the number of events that have taken place, the company is simply at its limit.