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Breakdown Costs Alec Baldwin Commercial Gig


New reports show that Alec Baldwin may have just lost a commercial gig due to his airline meltdown. The reports show that this gig was lost (and later given back) because of the problems the actor has with American Airlines.

This is not the first time that Alec has found himself in trouble because of his temper. Just a few years ago, Baldwin found himself in the news due to a recorded message of him berating his young daughter over the phone.

For the people who still do not know the story, the trouble started after Baldwin refused to shut off his electronic device so the airplane could take off. The airline said that he felt it was very important to finish playing his game, called Words With Friends. However, Baldwin tells the story differently. In fact, he said that the plane had not even pulled away from the gate yet, and he was still asked to turn off his device. He flies a lot, and that was the only time he had been treated like that.

When the flight attendant asked Baldwin to comply for a second time, he refused. It was at this point when he got tossed off the plane. This of course upset the actor further, and he made a pretty big deal about it on social media site Twitter.

Shortly after this outburst, Wegmans Food Markets pulled their commercial featuring the actor. They said that they did so because they received a lot of negative calls. Now, however, the grocery chain has apologized to Alec Baldwin after pulling the ad campaign. The chain said that the commercial would be brought back effective immediately. Apparently, they brought it back after a large out-pour of emails, tweets, and calls demanded that the commercial be brought back.