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Brits to Pay Extra for Car Rentals This Summer


If there is one thing that is associated with the summer, its travel. Unfortunately, this is something that most companies involved in the travel industry already know. As a result, many companies like to increase their rates during the summer months, and the car rental industry is no different.

According to a new survey recently released by the Post Office, many Brits might pay at least double the normal rate for their car rentals when visiting certain areas. As most would assume, the places where car hire prices are the highest are those where Brits to visit the most.

The Post Office went on to prove its point by showing that car hire prices in Majorca are nearly double the price of car rentals in Cyprus. This is something that families looking to get away this summer should keep in mind. After all, spending hundreds of pounds on a car rental for a week might be a deal breaker.

The Post Office pointed out that its not just Majorca that is overpriced when it comes to car hire. For example, the Post Office also listed that Split in Croatia, Dublin in Ireland and Faro in Portugal are all going to cost travelers an arm and a leg. The only thing that these destinations have in common is their popularity with tourists during the summer.

It is important to keep in mind, that its not just car rentals that are seeing increases in prices. Hotels and flights also cost a lot more.