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Family Finds Loaded Gun in Enterprise Rental Car


When people rent a vehicle, they like to think that it has been properly checked and cleaned. However, finding a loaded gun under one of the seats leads people to believe that the cars are not being checked as well as they should be. At least, this was the case for one family who rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Louis Venuto claims that his young daughter found a loaded gun under the seat of a Toyota Avalon that he rented from Enterprise. He says that he was simply grateful that the story did not end differently. He could hear his daughter talking in the backseat; she always makes some kind of noise. When she became silent for a few minutes, he turned around to make sure that everything was fine. This is when he saw his daughter holding a loaded gun, and she said, Look what I found. He reached into the backseat and took the firearm from his daughter. Venuto believes that his daughter got quite because she knew that something was wrong.

The family said that they had just returned from their trip to Cocoa Beach and pulled into their neighborhood when their daughter found the gun. This means that the gun had been with them the whole trip, and they never knew it. The family contacted the police, who are busy trying to figure out who the gun belongs to.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car said that the safety of its customers is its top priority. It is conducting an internal investigation to find out more about this situation.