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Hertz Upgrades Service at Newark International Airport


In an ongoing effort to continue to provide the best experience for its consumers, Hertz has announced that has reinvented the car rental experience at its location at Newark International Airport. This is just another step in the company's larger global efforts.

The goal is for the company to upgrade its service to make it faster and easier for consumers to rent cars at this location. The new technology that it has brought to Newark International Airport is going to be used at 50 other United States airports. This will mean that nearly 70 percent of the traveling United States population will have access to these new faster services. Such renovations have already been seen at it airport facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mark Frissora, the chairman of Hertz, said that the company is striving to achieve the best possible level of satisfaction for its consumers. This means providing not only great cars but a great rental experience. This means making the process of renting cars faster and easier. Hertz is always listening to the feedback of its consumers and has started offering better experiences by including great technology in its rental cars such as NeverLost. This is just one example of the company's strive for excellence. So far, the feedback that the company has received on its mission to offer a better rental experience has been outstanding. The public has responded happily to the addition of better fuel economy cars.