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Italian Air Traffic Controller Strike Causes Travel Problems


According to reports, many UK travelers were forced to suffer through long disruptions in air travel because of an air traffic controller strike in Italy. Although the strike only lasted for four hours on September 6, it was enough time to cause hundreds of flights to be canceled, affecting thousands of people.

Although the official number of people who were affected has yet to be released, several airlines have confirmed the number of flights that they had to cancel. Ryanair said that it had to cancel at least 96 flights because of the strike. EasyJet was also affected and said that it canceled around 60 flights. Out of the 60 flights that were canceled, around 20 of them were flying into or out of the UK.

Some airlines were able to reschedule their flights to minimize the amount of disruption caused by the air traffic controller strike. Unfortunately, they were unable to completely reschedule all of the flights to avoid cancelations. Some of the British flights that Ryanair was forced to cancel included those flying from Manchester to Bologna, Liverpool to Pisa and London to Ancona.

Robin Kiely, the head of communications for Ryanair, said that the carrier is extremely sorry for any problems that were caused by the cancellations. Unfortunately, this is one of the problems that is outside of the carriers control. These disruptions were the result of an unjustified strike. Ryanair was able to contact all of the customers who were affected by the strikes via mobile phone and email.