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Man Dies in Chicago After Falling 18 Floors From a Hotel


Hotels are part of the holiday experience. When people travel out of state or country, they often rent a hotel. However, studies also show that people tend to do things when staying in hotel that they normally wouldnt do. Unfortunately, some of these events lead to their end. At least, this is what happened to one man who was staying in a hotel.

The details are still unconfirmed at this point because the police are still trying to work them out. However, according to unconfirmed sources, the man fell from the DoubleTree Chicago Magnificent Mile. This is a popular tourist hotel at 300 E. Ohio St.

Police said that they werent sure if the man fell from a window or balcony. However, the unconfirmed source said that the man fell out of a window. Police did say that the man fell at least 18 floors to his death.

The name of the man is still not being released. However, he was 38 years old and was found unresponsive on the fourth floor after falling from the 22nd floor. Police are not saying where on the fourth floor the man landed.

Police also arent saying if they think foul play was involved. They said that until they finish their investigation, they wont be able to comment on the case any further. At the time of this writing, they were still gathering statements from eyewitnesses.