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Police in Rome Arrest Gang Over Club Robberies


It now seems that a gang is being accused of robbing at least 50 tourists in Rome after offering them drugged wine at a gay bar. The gang was finally hunted down after the drug/wine drink allegedly killed a middle-aged American.

Police have now suspected that Kelly Cullen, age 56, was one of the victims of the gang. Kelly was found dead on November 14 in the Colle Oppio park overlooking the Colosseum. This gang has been accused of preying on foreigners for months.

Police official Tiziana Lorenzo, said that the first tests showed that the American, who was found robbed and partially clothed, died of a heart attack. Police suspect that blood analysis will show he had a fatal reaction to the knockout drug that the gang gave him.

This gang is made up of two Romanians and an Egyptian. They start off by offering wine spiked with benzodiazepine to tourists in the summer. As the victims start to lose consciousness, the gang will guide them into the park and strip them of all of their valuables. Foreigners were mainly picked because they were likely to have more cash and leave town without reporting the theft.

So far, 25 Americans have been robbed. However, it is not just Americans that are being targeted. British, Spanish, Swiss and German drinkers were targeted and robbed as well.

Lorenzo said that the police were working on a tip-off from bar staff. Undercover police spotted the gang at work on November 16. It was a pretty quiet night, and the gang left empty-handed. However, the police arranged for a random identity check far from the bar. It was here that the police were able to confiscate their bottle of wine, which did test positive for drugs.