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Car hire Malta

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Location information for Malta

Malta is situated in the Mediterranean Sea near Sicily. The country has a rich history and you can reach a range of sites if you are using car hire in Malta. During the hot summer months travel in comfort with your air conditioned vehicle to explore ancient ruins, undeveloped beaches and quaint seaside towns.



Public transport is available on Malta but catching buses can be unpleasant during summer. Car rental in Malta is a more comfortable option, and with your own vehicle you can explore sites such as Hagar Qim and the famous Golden Bay beaches. Malta Airlines offers transportation to the island via its international airport situated in Gudja.

Car Hire Malta

It is easy to arrange your own vehicle in Malta as there are many companies available including Autoway, Drifter and Budget. Prices are reasonable and if you pre-book your vehicle online you can usually get a good deal. With a range of vehicles to choose from at all of the firms, there is a car to suit everyone.


The road network in Malta has been improved in recent years and GPS coverage can help you find your destination. Traffic travels on the left side of the road and overtakes on the right. The use of a horn is prohibited in residential areas during certain times and drivers are not permitted to use mobile phones.

Things To See and Do

Madina, otherwise known as the Silent City, is worth a visit for its interesting fortress. Tourists can go shopping in Valletta, the capital, or visit some of the city's museums. Don't miss St John's cathedral, which includes rare paintings and relics. If you want to escape the crowded beaches during high season, take a drive to Ghajn Tuffieha. The Blue Grotto’s sea caves and rock formations are also well worth a daytrip.

Best Time To Visit

Malta has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. Rainfall occurs during winter and the summer months are reliably dry. Peak tourist season runs from July to September and offers the best time to visit if you are looking for a fun beach holiday and temperatures of up to 30°C. If your priority is sightseeing, it is better to travel outside of the high season as the weather is cooler (10 to 15°C) and there are fewer crowds.