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Car hire Agadir

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Car hire Agadir
Car hire Agadir

Agadir is considered as a formidable city—not without reason, of course. It has undergone and overcome a lot of difficulties, which its history can attest to. You will see how far it has gotten when you have personally visited this place with cheap car hire in Agadir.

Established in 1505, its strategic coastal location made it a trading post. Back then, it was called Santa Cruz de Cabo de Gue under a Portugues governor. Forty years after, the Wattasid occupied the land and decided to build a stronghold around the city, which is known as the Kasbah. This stronghold also earned Agadir its name, after a stronghold protecting a dwelling or fortress.

However, it wasn’t until centuries after that Agadir came to experience difficulties. This was through Agadir Crisis in 1911. This point in history is known to have aggravated the worsening tension between Germany and France. Another painful memory is the 1960 Earthquake, which totally destroyed not only the city itself, but also the Kasbah. About 15,000 people died in this event, and it took at least a year after for reconstruction of the city to take place.

With these developments in the city’s history and with a car hire in Agadir, you will find a vacation spot that’s both relatively fresh and ancient, considering the many things that it gone through.