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Car hire Jeddah Airport

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Location information for Jeddah Airport

Jeddah Saudi Airport, also known as King Abdulaziz International Airport, is Saudi Arabia’s largest airport. Nearly 18 million passengers fly into its three terminals every year, particularly during the annual Hajj pilgrimage. This massive facility is located 19kms north of Jeddah, so car rental in Jeddah Saudi Airport is a convenient way to get to the city from the terminal.

Airport Facilities

The airport has three terminals. Most foreign carriers fly into the North Terminal, as the South Terminal is reserved for Saudi airlines and the Hajj Terminal is only open to Muslim pilgrims. The stunningly aesthetic terminal has a full range of passenger amenities, including a number of options for international car hire in Jeddah Saudi Airport.

Car Hire Jeddah Saudi Airport

With fuel prices in Jeddah among the lowest in the world, renting a car here is a very good deal. The streets around the city are wide and signed in both Arabic and English. Traffic can get a bit congested inside Jeddah, but outside of the city it’s easy driving. Compare car hire deals online to find the best prices before your arrival in Jeddah.

Things To See and Do

There is a nice mix of natural, historic and entertainment attractions around Jeddah. Its location on the Red Sea offers several beaches as well as the popular Jeddah Corniche. The Old Town is the historic highlight of Jeddah, with its traditional souks and architecture. Fun can be found at the Al-Shalal Themepark and Atallah Happy Land Park.

Best Time To Visit

Jeddah is hot and dry all year round. The coolest months fall during the winter, between December and February, when daytime highs average at 29°C. This is the best time to visit, as December is also when the annual rain, if any, falls. The rest of the year ranges from hot to extremely hot. Summer days often break the 40°C mark, and unlike other parts of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah experiences fairly warm nights.