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Car hire Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

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Location information for Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Vacations come rarely enough, what with the hectic lives most of is live today. That’s why, when we do have the opportunity to go on one, we should time it perfectly so that we can make the most of it. An ideal time to go to a particular place would be when there is a festival going on. Take Gothenburg for example. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, with Stockholm as the largest. However, it is said that Gothenburg is even friendlier than the capital city and more suited to tourists who want to mingle with the locals. If you go there in the month of August, you can enjoy the Goteborgskalaset, or the Kulturkalaset. It is a festival that happens annually. There are several musical performances, booths with lots of different types of food, and most especially, there is beer – lots of it. In fact, it’s the one time of the year where there’s such a public display of drunkenness that Gothenburg transforms from a peaceful city to a place for parties. There’s a bit of a concern for safety though, so just stay out of the city center. It would also help if you get a car hire in Goteburg Airport, as it is rather hard to find some transportation during this period.