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Car hire Monastir Skanes Airport

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Location information for Monastir Skanes Airport

One of the most visited places while in Monastir is the mausoleum of Bourguiba, who is Tunisia’s first president. He is also considered as the father of modern Tounisia. Surrounding the mausoleum of Bourguiba is hundreds of graves. Another place that is a must-see while in Monastir is the Ribat of Harthema. This is considered as the primary tourist spot of the area and has been featured in many films. You will surely be awed by the majesty of this ancient structure and admire the beauty of its design and intricacy. During the evenings, performances are staged here and the tourists as well as the locals can sit themselves on chairs arranged in the courtyard. There are many more places that visitors should go to while in Monastir, so avail of a car hire at the Monastir Airport now to make your stay more memorable. A cheap car hire from the Monastir Airport allows you more freedom to explore the area as well as enjoy all the majestic sights this place has to offer. Feel the breeze as you drive and enjoy the scenery of Monastir and enjoy the freedom you are given by the car hire as you go to more places than a regular guided tour offers.